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BAYZ is here to empower you with the data & analytical skills now required by 21st-century businesses. We do this through our diverse learning programs that we tailor to your needs.

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Data has become everyone’s job!

 Amazing technology is making data accessible for everyone within organizations. However, capturing untapped value from data requires organizations to successfully engage every employee in the field of data and analytics.  The question is, how to build a data-literate workforce? The shift in skills is accelerating faster than ever. That’s where BAYZ steps in: We equip your teams with data & analytics skills required by this age of data.


We enable everyone to work with data

We’re here to uplevel your talent base to intercept the analytics and AI opportunities that lie ahead. The good new is: It’s not magic, it’s a skill. In our philosophy, data is everyone’s job. We have built a powerful curriculum that empowers every talent at every level with the right set of data and analytics skills.

We develop the skills that are most in demand

Based on research from top institutes and our own experience, we have built a curriculum that develops the most sought-after skills in the field of data & analytics. It’s more than number crunching.

We engage everyone, not just specialists

We truly believe data is everyone’s job. Luckily, this doesn’t mean everyone needs to be a data specialist. Our curriculum is designed to empower each talent at every level to get the most out of data and analytics.

We take a hands-on approach

We focus on building skills rather than just transferring knowledge. We ensure that all our participants practice newly-acquired skills in the context of their real-life situations.

We go beyond the classroom

Learners are not on their own. Our trainers carefully guide and coach participants through the material and the real-world cases they work on during and outside the classes.


Our courses generate impact


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This is what clients say about our programs.

Yory Wollerich
Manager Customer Centric Interaction at Centraal Beheer

Thanks to the fantastic help from BAYZ, we are able to make everyone within Achmea think and work data-driven. With a practical approach and use cases from everyone’s own working environment, they ensure that we both level up on competencies and create value for Achmea.

Sietske Snoeck
Lead Analytics Academy at Achmea

I experience the collaboration with BAYZ as very valuable. The training courses they provide for us definitley add  value for both our employees and our customers. BAYZ thinks along with our wishes and together we continue to develop continuously.

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