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Analytics for Decision Makers

Lead your teams with the right dose of data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) knowledge.
Intermediate 2 classes Offline or Online

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Cutting a long story short

About the course

Data analytics and AI have become key differentiators in many organizations. But considerable value remains still untapped for various reasons. In this course we’ll put all the pieces together for bringing analytics and AI in your organization to the next level.

The course

What you will learn in this course

Understand the jargon

What types of analytics do we distinguish and how do these relate to machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI)?


Models and algorithms

Understand what is happening ‘under the hood’ of analytical models and algorithms through coding assignments (these do not require any prior programming experience).


Learn to scale

Understand the process of identifying opportunities, defining use-cases & pilots and scaling-up initiatives within the organization, cost-efficiently and responsibly.


Shape your analytical agenda

Understand how to shape the analytical agenda for your organization using the tools we provide in this course.


Explore the landscape

Understand the most important components of the data analytics technology landscape.


The course

For who is this course?

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This course is for business leaders and executives who want to increase their effectiveness in leading analytics and AI programs within the organization.

Still in doubt if this course is for you?

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Can I follow any of the courses online?

Yes, all courses are offered both in offline classrooms or online (via MS teams).

Do I get a qualification after finishing a course?

Yes, after finishing a course you’ll get an official digital certificate issued by BAYZ. You can add this certificate to your CV, add it to your LinkedIn profile and share it via other social media.