Powerful Intakes

Connect with your stakeholders and make a lasting impact with the right communication skills.
Foundational 4 hours Offline or Online

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Cutting a long story short

About the course

Considerable time is lost in solving the wrong problems in analytical processes. This is a common pitfall that can have many reasons. In this course we’ll teach you how to conduct a powerful intake with your stakeholders. This is a must-have skill for any business professional working an environment where you are involved in several business challenges.

The course

What you will learn in this course

Preparing an intake

Understand the homework that needs to be done before getting into the conversation with your stakeholder(s).


Conducting an intake

Learn essential techniques for guiding the conversation and getting all of the relevant information about the challenge with our proven methodology.


Giving follow-up to your intake

An intake doesn’t end at the conversation with your stakeholder. Giving it the right follow-up is key for moving forward. Learn the most effective ways to follow up an intake.


The course

For who is this course?

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Business professionals who are involved in various business challenges.

Data specialists (analysts, data scientists and data engineers) who want to become trusted advisors for their clients and stakeholders.

(Aspiring) Consultants who work in multi-stakeholder environments.

Still in doubt if this course is for you?

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Can I follow any of the courses online?

Yes, all courses are offered both in offline classrooms or online (via MS teams).

Do I get a qualification after finishing a course?

Yes, after finishing a course you’ll get an official digital certificate issued by BAYZ. You can add this certificate to your CV, add it to your LinkedIn profile and share it via other social media.