Our complaints procedure


BAYZ Analytics B.V. and BAYZ Consulting B.V. (hereinafter: “BAYZ”) do everything they can to ensure that our contact with you runs smoothly and to offer maximum quality. In the unfortunate event that you have a complaint, you can make use of the complaints’ procedure.


1. Purpose of the procedure

The purpose of this procedure is structuring the complaint handling process within BAYZ. These complaints can be reported by anyone via e-mail: office@bayz.nl.
By applying this structure, registered procedures take place:

  • the customer is informed as best as possible; and
  • recurrence of the complaint is prevented.


2. Working method
2.1 Receiving and registering a complaint

Complaints are received by the complaints handler within BAYZ. This officer registers the complaint immediately upon receipt. At least the following details of a complaint are recorded:

  • date of receipt;
  • customer name and address details;
  • name receiver; and
  • brief description of the complaint.


2.2 Handling a complaint

If possible, the complaints handler proposes a suitable solution to the customer. The recipient registers the solution on the internal complaint form.


2.3 Determining the cause and solving the problem

The complaints handler determines, if necessary in consultation with the other board members, the possible causes of the complaint and checks whether a structural solution or preventive measures are desired. Cause and solution should be indicated on the internal complaint form.


2.4 Processing time of complaint handling

Within 48 hours of reporting the complaint, the complainant will be informed how and within what time frame the complaint will be resolved. Within a maximum of four weeks after the complaint has been reported, a written response will be given to the complainant, containing at least the findings, conclusions, reactions and handling of the complaint. If a longer period of time is required to conduct an investigation, the complainant will be informed of this within a maximum period of four weeks, with an explanation of the postponement. An indication is also given when one expects to be able to provide a definitive answer about the complaint.


3. Responsibilities

BAYZ has two board members: N.E. Walk and A. Ichou. Within the board, A. Ichou has been appointed as complaints handler. The complaints handler is responsible for settling the complaint. The complaints handler is responsible for the analysis and archiving of the internal complaint forms and other related documents, as well as for monitoring the handling of complaints.


4. Analysis of the complaints

Complaints are always treated confidentially:

  • the complaints handler reports on the complaint, if necessary, to BAYZ’ employees/third parties/other board members;
  • if necessary, the complaints handler makes recommendations to prevent new complaints, as well as to improve procedures.


5. Registrations

The internal complaint form will be kept for a maximum of 2 years.


6. Occupation

If the above does not lead to a solution that is suitable for both parties, there is a possibility of appeal with an independent third party who is not employed by BAYZ. This appeal must be lodged within four weeks after the written settlement of the complaint. Geschillencommissie located in The Hague (https://www.degeschillencommissie.nl/) will act as an independent third party on behalf of BAYZ. The judgment of the said independent third party is binding and any consequences will be executed as quickly as possible by BAYZ.