Our terms and conditions


BAYZ Analytics B.V. and BAYZ Consulting B.V. (hereinafter: “BAYZ”) will apply to its training courses, education and online learning environment (hereinafter: “Services”): the NRTO General Terms and Conditions for Consumers; and the NRTO General Terms and Conditions for B2B. In deviation and/or addition to these terms and conditions, the below terms and conditions will have priority.


1. General terms and conditions BAYZ

You accept the general terms and conditions of BAYZ if you register to our Services. The price and other details of our Services are mentioned on our website www.bayz.nl.


2. General terms and conditions third parties

If BAYZ uses a third party for its Services, the general terms and conditions of the third party will apply.


3. Privacy

BAYZ needs your personal data, including name, address and contact details, in order to register for our Services. We hereby refer to our Privacy Policy for more information on how we process, protect and delete your personal data in accordance with the GDPR.


4. Confidentiality

You may not share course materials or login details of the Services with third parties or use these to provide similar Services, unless BAYZ has publicly shared this information. Information that participants of the Services provide shall be treated confidentially.


5. Restrict access services

BAYZ reserves the right to -without providing any reason whatsoever- refuse online registrations for Services. In the unlikely event that you breach BAYZ’s terms and conditions or for any other legal, policy, or operational reason, BAYZ may deny you access to the Services or revoke a license to the Services, without being liable for damages. In that case BAYZ also has the right to terminate the agreement between parties. The participant has the right to terminate the agreement with BAYZ in the event of a serious shortcoming, provided that he first sends a written notice of default to BAYZ.


6. Intellectual Property

BAYZ owns all materials for its Services, including its logo, course materials, and software, and these may not be shared with any third party, nor may a license be transferred to any third party. In case of a breach, a fine of EUR 15,000 is immediately due and on top of that a fine of EUR 1,500 for each day that the breach continues.


7. Payment

You have to pay upfront for the training and the prices are excluding VAT, unless you have agreed otherwise with BAYZ. It is not possible to suspend or set off a payment, even in the event of a conflict between the parties. In the unlikely event that payment is not made in time, BAYZ may restrict access to its Services and you may owe interest and collection costs.


8. Cancellation booking

BAYZ does not give refunds for cancellations. There are exceptions for consumers:

  • the statutory term of 14 days to cancel without charges;
  • the cancellation conditions of NRTO apply.

NRTO’s cancellation conditions for B2B do not apply to BAYZ.


9. Change booking

BAYZ may change your booking to another Service within a calendar year if you notify BAYZ two weeks in advance by email at office@bayz.nl.


10. Complaints

BAYZ applies its Complaints Procedure if you have a complaint about our Services. BAYZ is not liable for damages of the participant, its’ liability is in any case limited to the amount that its insurer pays or in the absence thereof the amount of the invoice for the Service.


11. Force majeure

BAYZ’s obligations are suspended in the event of force majeure (Article 6:75 of the Dutch Civil Code). In that case BAYZ and the participant may immediately terminate the agreement between parties and BAYZ will not be liable for any damage.


12. Amendment to general terms and conditions

We can change the general terms and conditions, the latest version is on our website www.bayz.nl. If a provision of is void, unlawful or unenforceable, this will not affect the other provisions and the provision will be replaced.


13. Law

Dutch law applies to every agreement with BAYZ. The Dutch court will exclusively be competent to resolve any dispute between parties. The NRTO dispute settlement rules and code of conduct do not apply to BAYZ.