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Hi, we’re BAYZ.

We have a real passion for learning analytics! We have been working in this field for more than two decades. Our trainers come from different backgrounds and we have tons of experience with applying analytics to achieve growth. This real-world experience is brought into all courses.

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Our team

Abdel Ichou

Managing Director

Natasha Walk

Managing Director

Nanda van Delden

Office Manager

Youssef el Filali

Consulting Trainer

Edwin Kooge

Leadership Trainer

Ilya Petoukhov


Duncan Jansen

Analytics & AI Trainer

Jordi Frijters

Technology Trainer


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Become part of our mission to create data-literate workforces across the globe! We’re always on the lookout for creative and curious talents that are as passionate about data analytics as we are. Check out the careers page for job opportunities.


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Our mission

Build data-literate organizations

In an era where data is everywhere, having a data-literate workforce is indispensable. Skill requirements are changing faster than ever. We empower employees within organizations with the most in-demand data & analytical skills, to ensure your organization keeps its raison d’être, with happy customers and motivated employees.

Our vision

Data is everyone’s job

We truly believe data is everyone’s job. However, this does not mean that everyone needs to be a data scientist. Nevertheless, every person in your company can add a piece to the data puzzle to make better-informed decisions or to improve workflows. Our curriculum empowers each talent at every level to get the most out of data and analytics.


We’re practical and personal

Don’t expect classes where you can lean back and receive large amounts of information that you’ll forget as soon as you leave. Our focus is skill-building rather than just knowledge transfer. We ensure that all our participants practice new skills in the context of their real-life situations. We do this by carefully guiding and coaching participants through bite-size pieces of content, and applying the knowledge and insights gained to your own business challenges during and in between our classes. This is what our clients love about us.

Our book

Our knowledge is recognized and set down in our book: ‘Creating value with data analytics in Marketing’. This book is co-written with professors Peter Verhoef and Jaap Wieringa who are affiliated with the University of Groningen.

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