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Analytics Translation

Become the linking pin between business and data teams.
Intermediate 6 classes / 10 weeks Offline or Online

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Cutting a long story short

The analytics translator is the new must-have role

Become the linking pin between business and data teams. Working with data is not just a job of data specialists anymore.  As an analytics translator you will help your business gain more value from analytics by translating business problems into assignments for data teams. Finally, you will really drive change by ensuring the business gets the insights and solutions it needs to take the right actions. In this course we’ll teach you how to define business problems and how to solve them with the help of data teams and communicate results in a compelling way. You don’t have to be a whizz at math or statistics to enroll in this program. You only need a curious mindset.


Get hands-on

You will work on a real-world case

During the weeks of this course you will get your hands dirty on a real-world case. This could be a case from your own company or case we provide you. In this way you will put your newly acquired skills into practice immediately. You will do this with guiding and coaching from the BAYZ team.

The course

What you will learn in this course

Solve business problems

Define and structure business problems and learn how to identify new opportunities in a data-driven way.


Understand how analytics works

Learn about the various types of analytical methods and techniques you can use to acquire insights from data.


Engage with data teams

Communicate effectively with data teams and learn how to get and interpret the results you need.


Visualize data

Empower your findings: Bring data to life with powerful visualizations.


Create stories

Craft compelling storylines that your audiences can grasp quickly. Create support for your ideas and get people motivated.


The course

For who is this course?

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Business professionals that want to become better at working with data and partner with data teams more efficiently.

Product owners that want to take a structured and data-driven approach to improving products and services.

Business managers that want to understand how to take data-driven approach to create a competitive advantage.

Still in doubt if this course is for you?

Ask us your questions


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Can I follow any of the courses online?

Yes, all courses are offered both in offline classrooms or online (via MS teams).

Do I get a qualification after finishing a course?

Yes, after finishing a course you’ll get an official digital certificate issued by BAYZ. You can add this certificate to your CV, add it to your LinkedIn profile and share it via other social media.

This is what clients say about our programs.

On the ball, always time for feedback, good interaction with the group and above all relaxed and fun with us.

–  Asset Manager at Achmea

Very happy with the guidance along the way and also towards the final presentation and your flexibility! KUDOS! I already knew my way around, but still I learned a lot of new things.

–  Outsourcing Coordinator at Achmea

The trainers are very skilled, patient and have the gift to translate complex material so that everyone understands it.

–  HR Specialist at Achmea

Very nice course, very interesting theory and fun delivered by enthusiastic trainers. I have already recommended the course to several colleagues.

–  Product Owner at Centraal Beheer

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