How get funding for your course?

Ask for a reimbursement by your company

Convince your employer…

We’re proud to work with several notable companies. If this is not the case for the organization where you work, we have some ideas to convince your employer to fund your BAYZ course.

The skills taught at BAYZ are more relevant than ever, and are identified by top institutes as ‘foundational skills that will help people thrive in the future of work’.

BAYZ courses are practical and can be directly applied in your daily work. We ensure that all our participants practice new skills within the context of their real-life situations.

Get help and advice on the challenges you’re currently dealing with from our top trainers. Considerable problem-solving takes place during and in between our lectures.

Reimbursement e-mail

Ask your employer

You might be eligible for a course at BAYZ subsidized by your company. To find out, we have set up an e-mail template that you can modify and send to your HR manager or HR department.

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