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We’re here to help you establish data literacy as a foundation for future success. Training and engaging your employees in the field of data is a crucial part of this. We partner with L&D (leaning and development) teams to create superb customized learning experiences for talents from all levels.

To foster a data-driven culture, we have built a powerful curriculum that focuses on the entire organization and pays attention to key skill domains.


skill domains

Skill building across three domains

Working with data is more than just number-crunching. We see it as a multi-disciplinary capability that combines solid business understanding with analytics and technology.


Identify, prioritize and solve business problems using our proven methodology.


Make better-informed decisions by understanding and applying analytical methods and techniques.


Build and embed AI-powered solutions and analytical applications into your business workflow.

Mastering Analytics

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Our in-company courses help teams to develop the data & analytics skills that are currently highly sought after. These are suitable for different industries and professional backgrounds and can be tailored to your specific needs.

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Business | Analytics

Analytics Translation

Become the linking pin between business and data teams. Learn how to solve business problems with analytics, without being a data specialist.

Intermediate 6 classes / 10 weeks Offline or Online
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Business | Analytics

Data Literacy

Build future-proof data skills and boost your performance in just 10 weeks.

Foundational 6 classes / 10 weeks Offline or Online
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Storytelling and Data Visualisation

Turn insights and ideas into compelling stories that everyone notices.

Foundational 2 classes Offline or Online
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Analytics | Technology

Python for Data Analysis

Learn to code in Python and carry out powerful data analyses.

Intermediate 2 classes / 3 weeks Offline or Online
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If you are interested in our in-company training options, we would be happy to discuss which programs would best suit your teams.


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Yory Wollerich
Manager Customer Centric Interaction at Centraal Beheer

Thanks to the fantastic help from BAYZ, we are able to make everyone within Achmea think and work data-driven. With a practical approach and use cases from everyone’s own working environment, they ensure that we both level up on competencies and create value for Achmea.

Sietske Snoeck
Lead Analytics Academy at Achmea

I experience the collaboration with BAYZ as very valuable. The training courses they provide for us definitley add  value for both our employees and our customers. BAYZ thinks along with our wishes and together we continue to develop continuously.

These companies uplevel their teams with BAYZ.